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The Role & Purpose of the DMO Within the Community

About Southeast Volusia Advertising Authority (SEVAA)

The Southeast Volusia Advertising Authority (SEVAA), also known as New Smyrna Beach Area Visitors Bureau, operates as a 503(C) Non-profit, a political subdivision of Volusia County government under the legal framework of a tourist development council (TDC).  In Volusia County, The Ocean Center is designated as the collector of the Tourism Development Tax (TDT) and the Destination Marketing Organization (SEVAA/NSBAVB) is designated at the Convention Development Tax (CDT).  Established to promote tourism and economic development in the Southeast Volusia region, SEVAA is governed by the laws and regulations set forth by the State of Florida.

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Legal Status

SEVAA functions as a special district under Chapter 125, Part II, Florida Statutes, which outlines the establishment and operations of tourist development councils. Special districts like SEVAA are created to address specific needs within a community, such as promoting tourism, and they possess a distinct legal status separate from other local government entities.

Funding Mechanism

One of the key aspects of SEVAA's legal structure is its funding mechanism. The organization is funded through a designated tourist development tax, also known as the "bed tax" or "tourist tax." This tax is imposed on short-term accommodations, such as hotels and vacation rentals, and the revenue generated is earmarked for promoting tourism and enhancing the local visitor experience.

Board of Directors

SEVAA is overseen by a seven person Board of Directors, whose members are appointed by the Volusia County Council. The composition of the board may include representatives from the tourism industry, local businesses, and community leaders. The board plays a crucial role in making decisions related to the allocation of funds, strategic planning, and the overall direction of SEVAA's initiatives.

Statutory Authority

The legal authority for SEVAA is derived from the Florida Statutes, specifically Chapter 125, Part II, which outlines the powers, responsibilities, and limitations of tourist development councils. This statutory framework empowers SEVAA to engage in marketing and promotional activities, conduct market research, and collaborate with local businesses to enhance the tourism industry within the Southeast Volusia region.

Accountability and Transparency

As a non-profit quasi-governmental entity, SEVAA is accountable to the public and is subject to transparency measures. The organization is typically required to adhere to open meeting laws, allowing the community to stay informed about its activities. Additionally, SEVAA is often required to submit regular reports and financial statements to ensure accountability in the use of tourist development tax revenues.

In summary, the legal structure of the Southeast Volusia Advertising Authority is rooted in the statutory framework of tourist development councils in the State of Florida. Through this structure, SEVAA fulfills its mission of promoting tourism, fostering economic development, and enhancing the overall visitor experience in the Southeast Volusia region.

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NSB-9664 - NSB Logo NoWave WHT-2
New Smyrna Beach Area Visitors Bureau is accredited by the Destination Marketing Accreditation Program (DMAP) of Destinations International.